How to Record Manual Cheques through Payroll

This tutorial will take you through the process recording manual cheques through payroll. To do this, you will use the Manual Cheque payroll instruction. This allows you to record any manual cheques written, but also keep track of all amounts through payroll. 

1. Start by clicking on the top navigation bar Payroll.

2. Next, select Process Payroll / Review Payroll History    

3. Go into the input sheet for the run you want manual cheques for. 

4. You will now have to add the instruction to the input sheet. Start by clicking on Add Payroll Instructions
5. On the new window, scroll through the list and find Manual Cheque. Double click the instruction and it will appear on the list to the right. Then click Add. Since manual cheque is an occasional instruction, you will have to add it manually for all future pay runs that require the instruction
6. Once the input sheet has refreshed, go back into the input sheet. You should now see Manual Cheque in the deductions column of the input sheet.
7. If you are writing the cheque yourself, you want to enter the Net Pay amount into the Manual Cheque deduction instruction. To find the net amount, click the little triangle next to the employee's name and choose "Preview Statement of Earnings".
8. Once you've entered the net amount, preview the statement of earnings again. The employee's pay should be $0 -- this indicates that Rise  will not be paying the employee.

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