T4 Box Information

An asterisk (*) indicates that the amount is included in Box 14. 

Box Title
Box 14 Employment income
Box 16 / 17 Employee's CPP/ QPP contributions
Box 18 Employee's EI premiums
Box 19 Employer EI Premiums
Box 20 RPP contributions
Box 22 Income tax deducted
Box 24 / 26 EI Insurable earnings CPP/QPP pensionable earnings
Box 27 Employer CPP contributions
Box 28 CPP/QPP, EI, or PPIP Exempt?
Box 30* Board and lodging
Box 31 Special work site
Box 32* Travel in a prescribed zone
Box 33 Medical travel assistance
Box 34* Personal use of employer's automobile or motor vehicle
Box 36* Interest free and low interest loans
Box 37 Employee home relocation loan deduction
Box 38* Security options benefits
Box 39 Security options deduction -  110(1)(d)
Box 40* Other taxable allowances and benefits
Box 41 Security option deduction - 110(1)(d.1)
Box 42* Employment commissions
Box 43 Canadian forces personnel and police allowance
Box 44 Union Dues
Box 46 Charitable donations
Box 50 RPP or DPSP registration number
Box 52 Pension adjustment
Box 53 Deferred security option benefits
Box 55 Provincial Parental Insurance Plan (PPIP)
Box 56 PPIP Insurable Earnings
Box 66 Eligible retiring allowances
Box 67 Non-eligible retiring allowances
Box 68 Status Indian (exempt income) - Eligible retiring allowances
Box 69 Status Indian (exempt income) - Non-eligible retiring allowances
Box 70 Municipal officer's expense allowance
Box 71 Status Indian - Employment Exempt Income
Boxes 72 / 73 Section 122.3 income (employment outside Canada) and the number of days outside Canada
Boxes 74 / 75 Pre-1990 past-service RPP contributions
Box 77 Workers' compensation benefits repaid to the employer
Box 78 Fishers - Gross earnings
Box 79 Fishers - Net partnership amount
Box 80 Fishers – Share-person amount
Box 81 Placement or employment agency workers
Box 82 Taxi drivers and drivers of other passenger-carrying vehicles - Gross Income
Box 83 Barbers or hairdressers - Gross Income
Box 84 Public transit pass
Box 85 Employee-paid premiums for private health services plans
Box 86* Security options election
Box 87 Emergency Services volunteer exempt amount
Box 88 Status Indian - Self-Employment Exempt Income

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