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Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes


Welcome to Rise Hub & Time Off release notes.

Stay updated with product releases. Sorted chronologically with the most recent date appearing at the top, this guide will walkthrough recent bug fixes, enhancements and product features that we’ve launched. 

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January 24, 2017


Employee Master List Report
You can now create a master list of all the employees in your organisation. You’ll be able to drill the data down to what kind of information you want to see (i.e. employee code, date of birth, team, etc.)
Image Cropper in Org Profile (logo + cover photo)

Last week, we released image cropper for profile pictures in Employee Profiles. This week, uploading logos and cover photos to the Organization Profile now includes an image cropper to help you along the way!



  • Added "resigned" to list of available employee statuses

Time Off

  • Improvements to the Request History table:
    • Rather than dedicating an entire column for comments, comments are now represented as an icon beside the request.
    • Included an X icon to the cancel button (to, you know, make it more clear that you’re cancelling things).
    • Removed the ID column.
    • Changed time off “Duration” column to “Used.”
  • Added time frame to review cards: The Leaving/Returning times for hourly Time Off Requests are now surfaced on the Review Cards, allowing reviewers to see when an employee leaves and comes back from time off.
  • Changes to review cards when it comes to unlimited policies

Bug Fixes


  • Fix: Journey Create Event effective date now defaults to the employee's start date if that date is in the future (previously defaulted to today).

Time Off

  • Fix: When a policy doesn't have a reset rule, the explainer incorrectly states that there is no carry over.

January 10, 2017


Image Cropper
  • No more guesstimating whether or not your profile pic will look perfect. Uploading an image now includes an image cropper  (currently only available on the Employee Profile for the time being) to help you along the way.

Point-In-Time Compensation Reports
  • We’ve added the ability to create compensation reports based on a chosen period of time.


  • Pay-rate fields now allow for commas
  • Improved Core Value image update flow. You can now add images on create
  • Region of Employment in Employee Profile will now only be editable when a country has been selected. 
  • Added a neat little illustration to employee hired events! 👌
Time Off
  • Various copy changes throughout the app to reflect better descriptions and help information.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a funny little bug in Time Off where submitting a request with a comment consisting of purely spaces causes explosion. 

December 27, 2016


Employee Hired Event

  • When a new employee is created on the Hub (who isn't added to the Payroll platform), an initial event must be created to kick off the employee's work journey. The Employee Hired Event allows admins to set information such as pay rate, position, and assigning the employee's manager(s).

Custom Holidays

  • You’ve asked for it, we have it!  You are now able to define Custom Holidays for your company! Now let’s get on with Christmas in July! (That counts as a custom  holiday right? We think so.)

Learn more about Custom Holidays here.

CSV Export and Filter of Audit Report

  • Just in time for the end of the year, the Time Off Audit Report can now be exported to CSV! You can also filter which fields you want to see on the export or the report itself.

Core Values

  • We at  Rise  believe that defining Core Values is an important part of company culture. Core Values are the guidelines that help employees uphold your company's standards and  beliefs,  so that everyone feels part of the wins along the way. Go team!


Hiding offboarding task templates

  • Since Offboarding tasks aren’t complete yet, we decided to hide the tab from Task Templates for the time being. It will resurface again once the feature has been complete.

Illustrations in the Settings

  • We believe that products should be delightful to use. For that reason, we’re adding small visual improvements to add a bit of delight throughout the app. Look out for more in the coming future.

Bug Fixes

Time Off

  • There was a rounding error in Time Off Emails where extra 0’s were being added to the balance values.
  • Team and Department name weren’t showing in their respective Team/Department pages.


  • Fixed a bug where the character counter disappeared after hitting the character limit (weird because that's kinda important to know, haha).

December 20th, 2016


HUB: Onboarding
  • When a new employee is added to the organization, admins can now independently initiate the Onboarding Process from the new employee’s profile.
  • Note: The Onboarding Process must be initiated within the 90 days, otherwise Employees will not be considered “new” by the system anymore.

HUB: Onboarding Tasks

  • Task Templates: Creating and assigning tasks can be a repetitive and tedious process. Rise makes it easier with task templates by automatically creating and assigning tasks for employee onboarding.
  • To-Do List: When there are tasks assigned to you, you’ll see them all in your own personal to-do list!

Learn more about Onboarding Tasks here.

Calendar Feed

  • The Time Off Calendar feed can now be exported to iCal, Google Calendar, and other calendar services! You’ll be able to select what data you can export (i.e. only see requests from your team) so that you know who’s taking time off and when.
  • Once setup, approved requests will appear in your calendar. If you or an admin deletes or rejects a request, that request event will disappear from your calendar automatically.
  • Note: Google Calendar calendar feeds are automatically updated by every few hours.

Learn more about the Calendar Feed.


Leadership Tab and New Fields in Org Profile
  • You can now add your leadership team to your company profile to help your team get to know them. As Ronald Reagan said, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” We tend to agree. We're big believers in in the importance of great leadership when building culture. That's why we're really excited about this update.
  • Additional fields (optional) added to Organization Profile: Address, Website, Phone, Email, Support Email, and Social media handles (support for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn).
Self-Service to Employee Profiles
  • We’ve enabled self-service in the Personal tab of Employee Profiles. Employees can now go to their own profiles and edit or update their details themselves.
Hiding Compensation
  • Added a Click Here to Reveal on compensation/pay-related information for added privacy.
Custom Fields
  • In our last update, we released Custom Fields Report. Today, we’re adding the ability to filter the data you see on the report as well as the ability to export to CSV.

Bug Fixes

Time Off
  • Fixed a bug when creating partial-day hourly requests (e.g. 4-hour requests).
  • Show correct values in Dashboard explainers (i.e. override accrual was not being shown).

  • There was a bug in the Quick Insights module that calculated an employee’s start date incorrectly.
  • Allow removing of common names.
  • Fixed a bug where the date picker in Custom Fields wouldn’t go past 2016 (that would be frightening).

November 20th, 2016


New Employee Profiles Design

  • We revamped and redesigned the employee profiles from the ground up. Employee profiles are an important component in a People Operations platform as it houses all of the relevant information regarding a particular employee.
  • We've reorganized the information architecture on employee profiles such that data is now more accessible, readable, and more engaging.
  • Employee data is categorized in five tabs:
    • Journey: a quick glance at your employee’s work history at the company.
    • Personal: personal and basic information about your employee.
    • Work: information like compensation, managers, teams, etc.
    • Time Off: summary of an employee’s time off usage and the policies they belong to.
    • Files: a place to store employee files and such.
  • The Employee Summary card surfaces all the most important and relevant information about an employee.

Employee Journey

  • Have you ever wanted to know the entire work history (at the company) of your employee at a glance? Find out when they were last promoted? Well now you can!
  • You can also record events on the timeline such as Promotions or Employment Status changes! (More events to come in the future).

Employee Photos

  • Employees can now add a bit of personalization by uploading a custom profile photo. This makes the entire system feel more human and easier to navigate. It will also help new employees answer important questions like "What was that guy's name again?"

In-line Employee Notes

  • Ever wanted to make quick little notes about a recent 1:1 you just had with your employee? Or just want to leave nice notes you can share to managers about an employee’s accomplishments? Tired of dealing with a lot of different Google Doc files or scribbles on a notepads? Fear no more! In-line employee notes are here!
  • Notes’ read accessibility is currently limited to Admins only. This means that notes are only visible to the admin (employee can’t see this type of note).

EEO and Compliance Info

  • Added support for compliance information (i.e. FLSA exemption, veteran status) and government identifiers (i.e. SIN, SSN)
    • If the employee’s region of work is in Canada, they will see Canada-specific info
    • If the employee’s region of work is in the USA, they will see USA-specific info


Hub | Employee Profile
  • An employee’s compensation is now visible to the employees themselves and the admin.
Hub | Custom Fields
  • You can now categorize any custom fields as Personal or Work-related, which will place them in the corresponding tab in the employee profiles. This allows for more flexibility and variety.
Hub | Org/Personal Files
  • Renaming a file now preserves the file extension.
  • If a file’s name is too long, a tooltip will show the full name on hover.

Time Off | Enhancements to Unlimited Policies
  • Policy cards now display whether or not the policy is unlimited.
  • Removed the ability to Override or Modify an unlimited policy in Employee Time Off Dashboards.
Time Off | Policies
  • Previously, the graph displayed the usage for the current calendar year. We’ve updated it to show the total time off usage for the past six months and time off projection for the next six months.
Time Off | Dashboard
  • Enabled managers (managers, team leads, department leads) to have access to their direct reports’ Time Off Dashboard
  • What managers can do:
    • See reviews the employee has participated in
    • Record requests on behalf of an employee
    • View balance entries for a policy
    • View previous requests
    • View current balance of a policy (note: managers can’t modify balances)

Bug Fixes

Emergency Contacts
  • Now visible and accessible to an employee’s managers
User Management
  • Fixed a bug where changing an employee’s role to Admin causes an error.
Request Calendar
  • Fixed a bug where holidays are displaying in the wrong dates when you scroll too fast. (We guess you could say... time flies!).
Org Profile
  • Fixed a bug where the total employee count included terminated employees (when they shouldn’t haha).

September 26th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Organization Profile

  • Organization Cover Photo & Logo | Upload a fun cover photo of your employees and your company logo to the organization page. It's as easy as drag and drop!
  • Purpose | Insert your company's vision or mission statement, or a fun motivation quote to inspire your employees.
  • Organization Files | You can now upload organization files and categorize them into appropriate folders. Have some training documents 

Employee Profile Updates

  • Emergency Contact | Employees can update their own emergency contact information by accessing their profile and clicking on Edit under the Emergency Contact section. This information is visible to the employee and admins only.
  • Document Upload | Documents can be uploaded into individual employee profiles. These documents can only be seen by that employee and any admins. This is a great place to store contracts, performance reviews, and certifications.
  • Creating New Employee Profiles | For organizations or employees that are not registered in the Rise Payroll system, you can now create new employee profiles. For these employees, you can edit their Basic Info in the Hub as well.

Time Off | Email Notifications

  •  When requesting time off, or approving or rejecting a request, email notifications will now include any comments from the employee and reviewers.

Time Off | Request Calendar

  • Employee initials now displayed as their full name on request events.
  • First day of the month is now bolded to signify month change when users scroll through the calendar.
  • While making a new request(s) on the calendar, the other events now dim to allow users to focus on the request in progress.
  • Managers can now see their direct reports on the calendar.
  • Stat Holidays | If a holiday falls on the weekend or on another holiday, the stat holiday can now be reassigned to the closest working day to the holiday or to the next working day after the holiday. This preference can be modified in Settings > App Settings.

Time Off | Reviews

  • During the review workflow, reviewers now see requests from people they manage as related requests.

Time Off | Away Today

  • All employees may now see who is away today for those in their primary team, primary department, and people they manage.

Table Displays

  • Request ID is now displayed as it's own column as opposed to being attached the the Request dates.
  • Wide tables with many columns now horizontally scrolls when out of view (helps avoid truncating important information).

Support Button has Moved

  • Got a question? Want to get a better understanding of one of our features? Click on the Support menu, now located at the top left of the screen. From here, you can:
    • Contact Support to chat with a Rise representative
    • Access our Knowledge Base which contains several articles explain different features and showing you  step by step how-to’s
    • Read through our Release Notes reflecting what changes have been made starting most recently 

Bug Fixes

Time Off | Dashboard
  • Error tag now surfaces on Modify Balance modal and is initiated when user clicks 'Done.' (Before: error tag did not show, only the red outline).

Time Off | Request Calendar

  • Previously, when users manually override the balance impact of a request, the attached comment disappeared in the Review modal. Now, comments attached are visible in the Review modal.

August 16th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Interface enhancements

  • Usage Report | We previously used the full month format rather than the short form. This caused the date column header to often be truncated. With the short form, you're now able to view more information in a smaller screen without truncation.

Employee Directory

  • The employee directory is now available to all users, displaying all those listed as active employees in your organization. The profile for non-admins will be limited to work information such as role, depts and teams, work email and phone, and any public custom fields set by admins.

Bug Fixes


  • Usage Reports (Admins Only) | If a time off request started or ended outside the date range you selected, the days away during the filtered time weren't appearing if the request didn't start within the range. Now, the exact days gone with the time frames you've selected will appear as usage regardless if the time off request began before the day you selected.

Interface Fixes

  • Review Cards | Sometimes the date range and icon would create weird breaks, making the review card look out of place. The date and icon are now fixed to properly appear on one line.
  • Policy Enrollment | When removing a smart onboarding default filter the page would exit the enrollment screen rather than just remove the option. This is now fixed, whereby you'll only exit the enrollment edit page if you cancel or navigate away.
  • User Management (Admins Only) | When sending out invitations the icon above "Invitations Sent" when confirming was missing! It's now returned. The "resend invite" text in the unregistered tab was also being weirdly displayed on two lines. This is now fixed to properly appear within the button.
  • Department Edit Mode | When assigning a department lead where there was none, the + icon would be cut off on a smaller resolution. This is now resolved.
  • Dashboard | When an employee hadn't yet been enrolled in a policy, the page was blank and unfriendly. Now it'll kindly direct you to speak to your manager to get started.


  • When editing a team name after saving the save wouldn't complete, causing the error dialog to appear. You can now safely edit names and have them properly save with no error occurring.

July 21st, 2016

Features and enhancements

Table Designs

  • Across Time Off there is now consistency in the table design, making it much easier to view, read, and consume information in list formats. You can view the new tables on the Away Today page, or your Request History to check them out! 

Reporting .CSV export

  • The balance and usage reports are now exportable to .CSV format

New font, Proxima Nova!

  • We upgraded the font used throughout the app to increase the readability. Proxima Nova, our new product font makes the product easier to scan and more legible.


  • Say hello to our Team Hub ☀️. Located through the app switcher, you can now find the employee directory and team/department groupings. 

Bug fixes

Carry over expiry

  • In some cases carry over expiry was defaulting to a 0 balance, not displaying the correct amount that had actually expired. This is now fixed and all carry over expiry values should be correct. Let us know at productsupport@rise.xyz if you or someone on your team is experiencing anything out of the ordinary! 


  • The Time Off Requests report was incorrectly displaying a usage column, which was meant to be part of the Usage Report. The Request report will now only report on start/end dates, where as usage will display the time away used during the filtered time frame you choose. 
  • If your policy name had a comma in it, the .CSV report was breaking. This is no more, and the exported .CSV will now support policy names with commas correctly. 
  • Not all of the reports were correctly displaying the employee code. All reports will now display the employee code.

Away Today

  • For some of our users with a lot of team members appearing on the Away Today report the table wasn't scrolling.

Request Calendar

  • Filtering between viewing both your primary team/department, or just one, wasn't working correctly on the request calendar. Now, if you sit in a primary team and primary dept that are different, you'll be able to leverage the filters on the request calendar without any hiccups!

User Interface

  • (Admins only) When making bulk changes to teams, the select all checkmark would stay active when scrolling through pages of your employees when it shouldn't. Now, it'll properly display when you head to a new page in the add/remove dialog of editing team membership.
  • On the profile page, the Time Off card would display "days remaining" for unlimited policies instead of Days Used. Each policy will now correctly display with the appropriate copy depending on how the policy is setup.

July 11th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Review cards

  • Each review card will now display a 12 month trend graph for the individual's usage across the policy the request is for. Only previously approved requests will appear on the graph.


  • New Audit history report

The audit report will show you, across all policies and all employees, actions that have occurred. This includes:

  • Time off requests made
  • Time off requests cancelled, rejected, or approved
  • Balance adjustments made, with comments
  • When Accruals have happened
  • Carry over expiry
  • Yearly balance resets

Learn more about reporting and the audit report here.

  • The Rejected filter is now two filers on the Time Off Requests report: Rejected and Closed.

Time Off Dashboard

  • Requester and Reviwer comments are surfaced in the request history section of your time off dashboard. In addition, each request has been given a unique ID for reference. The ID is located next to the individual request on the left.

Email Notifications

  • When a request is cancelled, the original reviewer will receive an email notification. The status on the reviewer's dashboard will update to now show closed for that request.

Bug fixes

User Interface Fixes

  • Long statutory holidays were getting cut off on the request calendar, but will now full display without getting interrupted by other things on the screen. 
  • When selecting an option from the dropdown in the reviewer groups section, the buttons appeared in green. They'll now appear in our official button color, yellow.
  • In some instances across the app, "Time Off" was listed with a - in the name. We've updated the copy across the app to be consistent, with no dash disrupting "Time Off".
  • Request Calendar When clicking on a previously made request on the request calendar or making a request from a policy using hours, the dialog popover would sometimes appear partially off the screen. Now when clicking, it'll properly appear within the calendar view.
  • (Admins Only) The policy graphs on the Policies page were displaying historical 12 month trends, but were ordered January > December. We've updated this view to show you the current year, January through December. 
  • (Reviewers Only) When reviewing time off the icons on the related requests for pending or approved weren't correctly showing. Now all requests will have the appropriate icons appear.
  • Dashboard | When viewing your policy statements the explanations when longer were being cut off. Longer explanations will now properly wrap, allowing you to read the entry without disruption.
  • Internet Explorer Specific
    • When making a request on the request calendar, when attempting to change the start or end date, the calendar wasn't appearing properly. This is now updated so users using IE will no longer experience this. 


  • (Admins Only) When submitting a balance modification of 0 on an employee's dashboard the app would cause an error. Now, it simply closes the dialog.
  • (Admins Only) Reporting
    • The balance and usage reports weren't correctly displaying the employee code, appearing blank. Now, the reports will have every employee's code appear to the left of the name.
    • When creating reports and attempting to use the employee search field, at times the search was not responding. This has been fixed, and will now properly search consistently.
  • Email notifications | When a reviewer hadn't yet registered for Time Off, but someone requested time off, the reviewer would still receive a notification. Now, you'll only receive a reviewer notification if you're registered.

June 22nd, 2016

Features and enhancements

Reporting: Balance and Usage Reports

  • Administrators now have 2 new reports: Balance Report and Usage Report. With the addition of the existing History Report, reporting now helps you manage time off taken, reporting on usage trends, reconcile with payroll for specific time frames on specific policies, and help your managers efficiently manage when someone hasn't taken a break recently. Read the full reporting guide here. 

Reviewing requests

  • When reviewing submitted time off reviewers can now leave comments for the employee making the request.

User Interface Updates

  • When submitting requests we increased the visibility between the request you're actively creating and those that are already made. This will help with differentiating more between the one you're about to submit and those that were made if your request calendar is quite busy.

Unlimited time off policies

  • On the personal dashboard, unlimited policies will now track "days/hours used" instead of displaying balances into the negative.

Bug fixes

Browser specific fixes: Safari

  • As an administrator, when viewing the reviewer groups page, little dots would appear on the left side next to the sidebar and then disappear quite quickly. We fixed a bug causing this so no more dots will appear. 
  • When navigating between pages the sidebar would flicker, causing headers from one page to quickly appear on the new page you selected. Now when navigating, there will no annoying flicker.

User Interface Fixes

  • For older adjustments that were made to an individual's balance there was not a comment option. As a result, old entries had "null" appear beside them. This was unfriendly, so we removed them. Old entries will now only have that an adjustment was made.
  • When administrators were creating new teams the "recently created" text would cut off the edit icon. This is no more.
  • We moved the employee code to the left of the name in all employee tables. This was to ensure consistency of how we display data from reporting throughout the app.
  • When enrolling an employee in a policy through their profile the suggested policies copy and workflow was a bit confusing as the suggested policy section wouldn't disappear once you had enrolled the individual in all policies that met the policy card onboarding defaults. We updated the copy and improved the workflow to ensure all policies appear and the suggested section disappears once you've enrolled in all policies that matched.
  • When enrolled in multiple policies, depending on your browser size the policy cards on the dashboard would have misaligned text (one would appear more left than the policy card descriptions above it). Now, all dates, descriptions, and effect entries will align perfectly, no matter which policy card you're viewing.

Creating teams

  • When creating a team and only entering in a space the team would save, but was not able to be edited. You can now properly create teams and edit them without error.

June 13th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Reviewer's Dashboard

  • Anyone who has previously reviewed time off now has their own personal reporting dashboard where they can surface previous reviews. The dashboard will include any employee's the individual has reviewed, when they submitted the request, the time they're away, under what policies, and the status.

Search bar extension to managers

  • Managers can now search basic information about their direct reports, as well as view their time off balances/12 month trend graph. The search bar is limited in scope to their direct reports. 
    • For those that you manage, you must be listed as their manager on their profile. (Contact your administrator if someone's time away isn't populating correctly)

Company Directory for Managers/Leads

  • Basic information such as work email and work number are now accessible for your team. Need to call someone in your team, but unsure what their number is? No problem! Search the directory. This is currently limited to managers and team/department leads, and to those they manage.

Unenroll from a policy on the dashboard

  • Admins now have the option to directly unenroll an employee from the dashboard. Simply click on the trash can icon on the right of any policy on their personal dashboard.

Away Today

  • There's a new tab on the left sidebar, Away today that is available for all users. Selecting this view will create a mini-report, filtered automatically to requests that are approved and the default date of today's date. You can also filter by any date in the past, or into the future if you're curious about the absence report of a particular day!
    • Who will I see when I view the Away Today tab? Depending on your permissions in Time off, you will see different individual's time away. 
      • Administrators / Owners: Everyone in the organization with approved time away.
      • Reviewers / Managers: Limited scope to those that you review and/or manage, as well as those in your primary team and primary department. 
        • For those that you manage, you must be listed as their manager on their profile. (Contact your administrator if someone's time away isn't populating correctly)
      • Team / Dept Leads: Limited scope to those in the teams/depts you are a lead of, as well as those in your primary team and primary department. 
      • Non-reviewer / Non-manager employees: Limited scope to those in your primary team and primary department. 

Employee Dashboard

Words used throughout the product

  • We replaced "Company" with "Organization" to be on brand with how we frame our view of the working world. Organization is more encompassing of all the unique and various customers we work with. 
  • We're always working to keep our copy consistent. As an admin exporting reports to .CSV, the status column will now display "Approved" instead of "confirmed" for time off that's been approved.
  • When a policy had scheduled accrual or reset on your start anniversary, it would display as "effective date." This was unclear and didn't mean much, so we've now clearly indicated on your dashboard that the policy's accrual/reset is on your start date. (You can find your start date on your profile under basic info.)
  • When deactivating an individual from Time off, we've updated the copy to clearly indicate the action you've just taken by highlighting who you've just deactivated.

Bug Fixes

User Interface

  • All date pickers throughout the product will now properly appear below the picker icon, rather than on top of it.
  • On your personal dashboard the 4 more resent adjustments made on your policies now have the proper weighted visual hierarchy, no longer appearing in bold. 
  • (Admins only) When adding/removed individuals from a team the actions icon to remove someone will now properly display "remove employee" rather than a - sign, which was unclear.
  • (Admins only) When creating bonus modifiers for a policy, the dropdown boxes became misaligned when you used teams/departments. All the boxes now properly align regardless which option you select.
  • Users using Internet Explorer 11 can now rejoice as we've fixed a handful of styling errors causing buttons to get squished on the request calendar and sidebar.
  • (Admins only)  The audit history report had (0 days) appearing next to all time off entries rather than the proper duration amount. The reporting table will now properly give you duration of time taken.

Policy Enrollment

  • When enrolling new employees via their profile, suggested policies weren't selectable. "Other policies" were also not properly showing up. Both of these have been fixed and all policies are selectable/appearing.

May 30th, 2016

Features and enhancements


  • You can now export your report results to .CSV (spreadsheet). Whether you're exporting all Time Off usage, or just a subset, the .CSV will show the following fields:  Employee requesting time off, when the time off request was submitted, the start and end dates of the time away, the numerical value of days away, which policies were used to request time away, and the status of the request.

Policy Balance Management

  • When making balance modifications as an administrator, you now will be required to add a comment. This comment will be visible in the adjustment history for that policy in the individual's profile that you're adjusting

Account Settings

  • You can now update your password in the app! No more do you have to rely on the forgot password workflow to change your password. Click on your name in the top right corner of the app and head to settings. From there, Account Settings where you'll be prompted through the update workflow. Click here for quick access!

( Notes: Users who are not administrators will not see the user management or organization settings options)

User Interface Improvements

  • Words used in app:
    • When a reviewer was done reviewing pending requests, we updated the copy to have a good mix of personality, but professionalism. When done reviewing, we'll promptly let you know and guide you to relax!
    • When a request is approved, in some cases we had used the word "confirmed." This was inconsistent with the actual state of the request. Now all references to an approved request will properly read, Approved for consistency.
    • When filtering your active view on the request calendar the copy now indicates that you're viewing your primary team and primary department. This is to help ensure you know exactly what you're seeing. Learn more about primary teams and depts here.

Bug fixes

Time Off Balances and Requests

  • Scheduled Accruals: In some instances the scheduled accrual from a policy set to monthly were duplicating entries. We were deleting the duplications manually to ensure no data integrity was lost, but now there's a permanent solution that will prevent duplication moving forward.
  • Reviewing requests: When reviewing requests that had other reviewers also responsible for secondary approval, the review card would re-appear after the first reviewer approved until the second reviewer approved/rejected. Once the first reviewer makes an approval it'll no longer re-appear.
  • Request Calendar: 
    • When requesting time off over the stat holiday of Christmas or Boxing Day (certain provinces exempt) the request wouldn't appear properly on the calendar, making it look like the request wasn't going through. Not when making requests over the holiday season, all time off requests will properly appear.
    • When making a request if you had clicked and dragged across the calendar, but then used the "add new" button on the top right the calendar would let you make a request that didn't have a start and end date that was contiguous. This would break the request workflow, but has since been fixed to update the end date according when relying on the "add new" button to make a change.
    • The yellow circle indicating today's date got a bit cut off when the request calendar had more than 3 requests. It now has proper room to indicate the day, not getting cut off by multiple requests.
    • When hovering over a policy that is in a waiting period, the lightening bolt icon appeared on the right, but only when hovering over the icon would you get the helper tool tip text letting you know when it'd be out of the waiting period. Now hovering over the entire policy will cause the tool tip to pop up.
  • When clicking really quickly between filtering options the report table would show the second set of results you clicked on but still search in the background for the first set. After loading your properly filtered results the UI would update, but return the secondary background search, causing the UI to flip back unexpectedly. 

May 19th, 2016

Features and enhancements


  • We've added a more defined filtering sidebar and a search bar to the reporting tab to more easily find the right information you're looking for and clear the filters easier (accessible by admins only)

Login experience

  • When logging into Rise's product offerings from our main site, rise.xyz the login directed you to our Payroll app. Now, you'll also be directed to Time Off. You can also bookmark platform.rise.xyz for safe keeping!

Updated words throughout the app

  • In review > Pending: After making a request, but prior to a reviewer reviewing it, the copy we used on the Request History section of an individual's personal dashboard read "in review." The actual state of these requests was Pending—We've updated the wording to match. 

    The reporting table for administrators will now also be labelled as Pending instead of In Review
  • In some instances we used "carry over" and in others labelled it "carry-over." This was inconsistent, so we updated all references to carry over, eliminating the dash in the word.

Bug fixes

Performance and user interface improvements

  • The global search bar (available to admins only) wasn't reliably helping you find the employee you were looking for. We've eliminated the bug causing this so you can once again find the right person you're looking for.
  • Update for Internet Explorer 11: When using the Add New button to make a new request on the request calendar, the date selection to change from today's date wasn't clickable/admins were unable to change the date when recording time taken. This was a bug specific to IE 11 users that has now been resolved! The date picker will work when using the calendar dialogs. 

User Interface

  • The pop-up dialog cards when viewing a previously made request on the request calendar now have stronger contrast around the edges to make them stand out and more visible

  • (Admins only) When creating a new team, but not yet naming your new team, the "add employee" button looked clickable, prompting you to add new employees but should have been disabled as you must name the team prior to saving it. You weren't able to add employees before saving—the + button and confusing copy to add employees is no longer.

  • (Admins only) When adding onboarding defaults for enrollement filters when creating policies, if you had many teams or departments configured, the bottom of the screen and the addition of new teams weren't scrolling properly. This meant the interface would overlay strangely, not providing a flawless interaction. This has now been fixed and the table will appropriately scroll instead of overlap.

  • (Admins only) When editing a policy and removing an existing bonus modifer, the confirmation dialog copy was unhelpful. We now have clear confirmation wording to ensure you're removing the right bonus modifier before permanently deleting. 

Email Notifications

  • When resetting a password, the new password reset link expires after 30 minutes, but was not providing a helpful error message letting you know an invitation had expired when used late. Now, you'll also be prompted to easily request a new link if relying on an expired reset email.

May 12th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Request calendar

  • The request calendar will now only show requests from others in your primary department and team. Before, you'd see requests from members of all teams you were part of. 

    As a reminder, you can flip between seeing both your primary department and team, or just one using the filtering options.
    You can also view your primary team/dept through your profile under Organization Info. Look for the yellow star in your team/dept list—This is your primary team/dept.

Employee Directory (Accessible for admins only)

  • The Employee tab in the Company tab has a new layout. Easily access basic employee information in our new directory view. You can now see what department the employee is part of, their title, email, and work number.
  • On both the employee dashboard and policy cards, monthly policies will now explicitly state that the scheduled accrual occurs monthly on the explainer text showing: monthly, on the [day you select in the policy]

Re-ordered Sidebar Navigation (Admins only)

  • Administrators now have a re-ordered sidebar! We bundled all tabs associated with Time Off configuration at the bottom. Your first 3 tabs, My Dashboard, Request, and Review, are the 3 tabs that all non-admins will see. Anything below Reviews are admin-only tabs.

    Learn more about assigning admin permissions here.

Performance improvements

  • All tables across Time Off that list employee data, such as the employee directory, edit membership enrollment for policies, or team selection dialog will all paginate. This will vastly speed up the loading times of each page.
  • We've added significant infrastructure enhancements to increase the loading speed across the entire platform!

Word updates (copy enhancements)

  • All policy adjustments listed under the descriptions/statements section on your personal dashboard have been improved to be less scientific and more relatable. Here's a list of the changes and what they reference:
    • Requests made: "Time off request made"
    • Cancelled or rejected requests: "Available time off regained due to a request being cancelled or rejected"
    • Manual adjustments made by admins to the available time off balance: "Time off available manually adjusted"
    • Carry over balance from the previous year: "Available time off carried over"
    • Expired days that were carried over: "Carried over time off expired and is no longer available"
    • Expired days from a policy reset: "Carried over time off expired and is no longer available"
    • Manual available time off import: "Available time off manually imported"
    • Scheduled policy accrual (increase in days available due to an automatic policy adjustment): "Available time off increased due to a scheduled update

Learn more about your personal dashboard here.

Bug fixes


  • When overriding the amount of time off a particular request off cost, the dialog would error if you made a day count for 0 by deleting the 1, but didn't actually put a 0 value in the text box. The override box will auto-default to 0 now when you click off of it. 
  • Reviewer group fixes: 
    • We made fixes to reviewer groups associated with individual reviewers that caused the error dialog to appear when saving.
    • When making changes to reviewer groups then navigating away from the page despite having saved, the confirm and discard changes dialog was persistently showing up. The save button will now properly be disabled after saving, which will prevent the "are you sure you want to leave" dialog from appearing when it shouldn't.
    • If you have a reviewer group structure that allows for auto-approvals, email notifications that the request was auto-approved weren't being sent to the requestee. Now, the requester will receive a notification letting them know about the auto-approval.
  • Personal Dashboard: On your personal dashboard, the view statements button would open and disappear quickly when clicked the first time. You had to click a second time to make it appear. This glitch is fixed and it'll appear the first time clicked, flawlessly.
  • Browser Support: If you are using a browser version that we no longer support, you'll now get a friendly dialog guiding you to the appropriate browser update options even if you're in private browse mode.   
  • Stat holidays: Employees who lived in the province of Quebec weren't having St. Jean Baptise (Fête nationale) automatically count as a stat holiday when making requests. This is now fixed and all Quebec stat holidays will default as not being counted against the requested time taken from your balance.
  • Search bar: When using the search bar to add employees to a team, the search bar and pagination wasn't searching. With performance enhancements to pagination on all employee tables, this search now functions seamlessly.
  • Request Calendar: When clicking too rapidly on the request calendar, the dialog that would appear to add a request wouldn't let you change the start/end dates until you refreshed. Now, no matter how many times you click, or how fast, you're able to edit the start and end days for your request.

User interface and experience fixes

  • Review calendar: When reviewers would be reviewing requested time off, any approved requests that the reviewer themselves had wasn't showing up as a related request where appropriate. Now when reviewing, the reviewers own requests will also appear if related.
  • Manual balance adjustments: If an admin was modifying a balance for an employee on a policy, the modify balance dialog would always show "days" even for hourly policies. The dialog text will now appear in days or hours, as setup in the respective policy.

    Learn more about modifying balances as admin here.
  • Editing Policies:
    • When saving an edit to the policy's scheduled accrual date after already having saved it as an employee's start anniversary, you were unable to change it to yearly. The calendar option wasn't selectable—You can now update your policies to select the yearly option if you need to make a change. 
    • When admins were creating bonus modifiers, the accrual date text indicator wasn't properly updating from "date of hire" for modifiers using a calendar date accrual. The text in brackets will now properly update based on the base policy scheduled accrual settings

Employee Management (Accessible for admins only)

  • Payroll sync: 
    • When changing an employee's e-mail in Payroll prior to them registering their account in Time Off, the email wasn't updating in user management. Now, as long as the employee hasn't registered, their email will update in user management after updating in Payroll to ensure they receive their invite to the updated email address.

      Learn more about user management and invitations here.
    • Certain changes in Payroll for start dates and titles weren't syncing to Time Off. This was causing discrepancies on what appeared in the employee profile between the two systems. This is now fixed and they should appear properly across the two.


  • If a sent invitation expired, the message the employee received when trying to register was unhelpful. The new message will let the employee know their invitation has expired, as well as who to contact for a new invite (the person that originally sent the invitation will appear).
  • When someone hadn't yet registered, but used the forgot password workflow to re-activate their registration email it was sending an invitation that wasn't usable. Employees who haven't yet registered will no longer receive the unusable password reset email.

April 29th, 2016

Features and enhancements

Reviewer cards

  • We added a warning for any requests made during a waiting period. Since requests can still be made during a waiting period (there's always exceptions!) we now empower the reviewer with the right visual warnings to ensure they can make an informed decision when rejecting/approving.

Email notifications

  • When someone becomes a reviewer due to changes in organization structure or reviewer group configurations, they'll receive notifications by email of any outstanding requests that need their attention.

Reviewer Groups

  • Do you have any policies that individual team members are responsible for reviewing incoming requests? If you now have reviewers that aren't employee managers, team leads, or department leads, you can now assign individual employees to assigned policies. Learn more about reviewer group setup here.
  • When assigning a primary department or team lead as a reviewer group for a policy, the request will now only go to the requester's primary team/dept lead. 

    Important note: If someone is in multiple teams, you need to assign a primary team on their profile. Do this using the search bar and scrolling to Organization Info on their profile. Clicking on the star next to the team will assign that team as the team member's primary team. If no primary team is set, any policies that have a reviewer group using the team lead will not work properly as it will not know which team lead is responsible for approving their time off.

Bug fixes


  • There was an error causing a few submitted requests to appear as in review despite them being approved appearing in your request history dashboard. We've ensured each request appears with it's actual status. 
  • Some administrators were seeing duplicate employees being synced from payroll. We've fixed the problem causing these duplicates, showing only one of each person. 
  • Occasionally, you would see an error dialog when making requests, informing you to reach out for support for help when there was in fact no error, causing confusion. It'll only pop up when there is now an actual error.
  • For administrators, policy cards were informing you of the wrong carry over expiry date on the policy dashboard. The date will no longer be stuck on April 1st, but will show the proper carry over date.
  • In certain configurations, some companies have self-approval workflows for requesting time off—we had a bug that made this break, causing requests to be stuck in review. For those who don't have a reviewer setup, the auto-approval is now working once more.

User interface

  • When creating bonus modifiers for policies, some of the space around the information listed was lost. We've fixed the extra padding.
  • On your personal Time Off dashboard, we added extra padding to the right of the dates listed.
  • The review calendar icons for pending and approved were missing, meaning the related requests weren't easy to distinguish. We've re-added these icons.
  • The bottom of the reporting page was once cut off. We've introduced a reporting page scroll to allow you to smoothly view, as an administrator, everyone's time taken without a cut off screen.
  • If you weren't assigned to a team, as a non-admin, on your personal profile page you could see a link to add yourself to a team, but unfortunately it led you no where. This link appeared by accident and is now removed.

April 20th, 2016

Features and enhancements


  • We now made it easy to reach out for support on the people and culture platform! Our email copy will now refer to this new email, productsupport@rise.xyz.


  • Looking for organization wide trends on how your team's are using days taken? Refresh your policy page and oooh-awwwwh at the animated graphs that appear! Organization ­level analytics have been added to each policy card to provide more meaningful information on total policy usage.
  • Was a team member unable to take the day they booked off yesterday? No worries! Administrators can now cancel any requests that have not been rejected or already cancelled. This includes approved, past time off requests.
  • Have waiting periods on your time off policies? Now you can add a waiting period rule between when someone gets enrolled in a policy and when they can request time off. 

    Set up a waiting period under the basic info tab of the policy editor/creator. Here's what it'll look like for those team members who are still in the waiting period you've set:

Product Copy and small interface changes

We have made several word use updates to reflect our dedication to delivering easy to understand language throughout Time Off.

  • When cancelling a request, the confirmation dialog is much more to the point with less redundancy around confirming you are in fact, cancelling. 
  • When making a request on the calendar, you'll now find consistent "request" terminology used on all the buttons to make the multistep process flow a little nicer.
  • We made the personal dashboard policy cards cleaner and simple, removing the denominator on the days available interface. Now, each policy card on a team member's profile will show exactly, and only, what's available for them to use.

Bug fixes


  • Prior to this release, you may have noticed some pages took a really long time to load if you have a lot of team members in your organization. Thanks to significant infrastructure improvements, you can now enjoy a much speedier loading time. 
  • The request, review, and forgot password workflows had some 🐛s crawling around. We've since squashed them; your workflows should be less fraught with weird critters causing hiccups along the way.

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