Requesting time off & reviewing submitted requests

Requesting Time Off

To begin requesting time off, head to the Request tab on the left navigation. This will open up the request calendar. In the screenshot below, follow the numbers to walkthrough the different components of the request calendar. 

  1. Policy Sidebar | All the policies that you're enrolled in will be listed here. The number to the right of the balance will indicate your available balance in hours or days (how your policy tracks time off requests). Before clicking on the calendar to make a request, click on the policy you'd like to use to submit a request. 

    Note: The request calendar will not limit time off requests if you have a negative balance, or, if when making a request your balance dips into the negative. The approver of your request will ultimately decide whether or not to approve. Best practice is to talk to your manager first and ensure you're policies allow for negative time off requests. You'll also be able to add a comment during the review request phase to justify why you're dipping into the negative with your time off balances.
  2. Calendar + filtering | By default, the calendar will populate with requests that others in both your teams and departments have made. These requests will auto-populate on the calendar in gray (if you're a reviewer of the request, they will appear in the same color as the policy they're booked under). On the top right of the calendar, use the filter icon to select whether to populate just your department or team, rather than both. 

    The calendar will by default, show the current month. You can filter back and forth throughout the year to select the date appropriate for your request. 
  3. Using the calendar to start making a request | To get started requesting time off, click and hold down, dragging across the days you'd like to make a request for. These days will appear across the calendar with a yellow box around them. Once you've let go of your mouse, they will appear as a box in the color of the policy you selected. The color will be the same as the dot located in the policy sidebar. 
  4. Adding your request | Once you've highlighted the days you'd like to request off, click add on the dialog that appears. 

    Note:If your organization allows for time off to be booked back-to-back with various policies, you can make multiple requests spanning the same continuous time-line. For example, if you have 3 days left under your Rainy Day policy, and an additional 4 under vacation, you can use the request calendar to make one long continuous, 7 work day request. Follow the same click/drag motion to book back-to-back days off, selecting a new policy for each chunk of time. 
    Important! You cannot book multiple days off in one request flow if they are not continuous days. For example, you cannot book the 1st and then 30th off in the same request, you have to go through the request flow twice. The request calendar acts like a normal calendar, where booking events that aren't continuous must be entered as separate events.
  5. Review your request | After adding your request, the next step is to review and add any additional comments. A footer will appear on the calendar. Click on the far right button, Review request. In the dialog that appears you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the request, total days taken, and be able to add comments for your reviewer.  

    The last step to submitting your time off request is to click Submit request. The confirmation pop-up will link you back to your request history dashboard where you can follow-up on the status of your time off. After submitting, you and your reviewer will receive a summary of the request submitted. 

Reviewing submitted Time Off requests

When someone that you review makes a time off request, you will receive an email notification that you have new requests to review. The email will contain a summary including:

  • When the request was made
  • The dates of the requested time off and the total amount of days that will be taken from the team member's available balance
  • Which policies were used to make the request
  • Which other (if applicable) reviewers will need to approve the request in addition to you.

Click  View Request to go to Time Off to approve/reject. Once you login, you will be directed to the Review tab.

In addition to the email notification, in Time Off a small green dot will appear next to your review tab, indicating you have outstanding requests to review. To get started reviewing submitted requests, head to the review tab.

  1. Submitted request cards | Each request that you have pending for review will have it's own request card. On the request card, the following information will appear:
    1. Who submitted the request (located on the top left of the card).
    2. When the Time Off request is being submitted for (the dates that appear on the top right of the card).
    3. Which policy is being used to request time off (the dot appearing to the right of the policy is the color associated with that policy in the request tab).
    4. The balance at the time of the request, and the new balance after the time off is taken. The impact of this request will be highlighted in brackets to the right of the new balance.
    5. Comments that were submitted with this request (if applicable).
    6. An option to reject or approve the submitted request.

      Email notifications will be sent to the individual who request time off letting them know that you have either rejected or approved their time off. 
  2. View the submitted request on the calendar | Each review card you select will highlight the dates on the calendar in yellow. The calendar will dynamically change to show you requests related to the time off submitter's team/department. If you manage more than one team or department as a reviewer, as you move through submitted requests, the calendar will update to empower you to make an informed decision based on who else in that person's work group is away. 
  3. Calendar legend | This bottom legend will guide you through interpreting the review calendar. 

A historical reporting table of all your reviews is available under your dashboard, review tab.  Click here for quick access.

Manager search

If you need to view a particular balance for someone you manage, or want to see their 12 month time off usage trends, as a manager you have access to search for your direct reports where you can view their time off policy balances and trends.

Once you click on the search bar, you have the option of searching or viewing the entire list of those in your team/dept (if you're a lead) or those that you manage (if you're a manager). Both sets of employees will appear if you are a lead as well as a manager. 

Simply click on the profile you wish to view to access more about their time off balances and trends.

Away Today

The  Away Today tab is available for all users. Viewing this tab will create a mini-report, filtered automatically to requests that are approved and the default date of today's date. You can also filter by any date in the past, or into the future if you're curious about the absence report of a particular day!

Who will you see when I view the Away Today tab? Depending on your permissions in Time off, you will see different individual's time away. 

  • Administrators / Owners: Everyone in the organization with approved time away.
  • Reviewers / Managers: Limited scope to those that you review and/or manage, as well as those in your primary team and primary department. 
    • For those that you manage, you must be listed as their manager on their profile. (Contact your administrator if someone's time away isn't populating correctly)
  • Team / Dept Leads: Limited scope to those in the teams/depts you are a lead of, as well as those in your primary team and primary department. 
  • Non-reviewer / Non-manager employees: Limited scope to those in your primary team and primary department.

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