How do I record an employee's time taken?

Follow these steps to record any time off for an employee, such as sick time, that was not requested in advance.
This applies to;     

√ Admins
√ Managers

Recording time taken

You are able to record time taken for any team member that you manage. Enter the employee's name in the "Search" field in the top navigation menu to easily navigate to their profile.
Select the "Time Off" tab and click "View Dashboard" in the top-right corner.
Select the "Request History" tab and press "Record Time Off Taken" in the top right corner.  Record the Time Off Taken within the dropdown box.

  1. Select which Vacation Policy applies.
  2. Select the Start Date of this Time Off record. Click anywhere on the date to adjust.
  3. If this policy allows for partial days off, specify what portion of the day will be taken off.
  4. If a partial day off is selected, specify when in the day the employee leaves.
  5. Adjust the date and time (if relevant) that this record should end.
  6. Press "Add" to automatically approve this time off. It will be included in the employee's Request History listed as Confirmed.

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