How to load employee hours from Daily Pay into the Input Sheet

Daily Pay processed hours from Time Approval and calculates overtime. Once Daily Pay is done processing, these hours are loaded into the Input Sheet using the process outlined below.
This applies to;

√ Payroll Managers
√ Administrators

Loading Daily Pay into the Input Sheet

  1. Before you can load Daily Pay information, it must be "Completed". For more information on that process see this link.
  2. Select "Input Sheet" on the pay run you wish to load. The pay run must be "In Progress".
  3. Click "Load Daily Pay" located at the top of the Input Sheet.
  4. You will be returned to the "Process Payroll / Review Payroll History" page. Wait for the information to process, and when available, click on "Input Sheet".
  5. Hours loaded from Daily Pay will be visible with the box highlighted in green. Verify that all information transferred over by selecting the "Daily Pay Discrepancy" report.
  6. If the report is empty, all of your hours transferred from Daily Pay into the Input Sheet. Success!

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