How to build an Unapproved Time Punch report

If you use Rise's Time Approval application, it is important to ensure all hours are approved or rejected before running payroll. Running this report will save you time by highlighting any unapproved time that needs verification.
This applies to;

√ Managers
√ Administrators   

Build an Unapproved Time Punch Report

  1. Select "Reports" on the top menu, then click on the "Custom Reports" tab, and then select "Time Approval Summary Report" (under "Time and Attendance Reports").
  2. Next to "Filter By" select "Pay Schedule" and choose the current pay schedule from the drop down that appears directly below. Next to "Time Approval Status" select "Unapproved". When it's correctly filtered, press "Submit" to generate your report.
  3. Select "Layout" and choose the columns you want to see in your report. We recommend the following selections; Employee Name, Time Status Code, Scheduled Working Hours, Scheduled Non-Working Hours, Paid Hours, and Department Name. Press "OK" to update your report.
  4. Select "Aggregate" and choose the following selections:
    Data Column: "Scheduled Working Hours"
    Aggregate Function: "Sum"
    Click "Add" to save your selection.
  5. Still under "Aggregate" choose the following selections:
    Data Column:  "Scheduled Non-Working Hours"
    Aggregate Function:  "Sum"
    Click  "Add" to save your selection.
  6. Still under "Aggregate" choose the following selections:
    Data Column:  "Paid Hours"
    Aggregate Function:  "Sum"
    Click  "Add" to save your selection.
  7. Select "Group" and choose "Department Name" as the Grouping Column.  Click "Add" to update your report. 
  8. Add a second grouping by choosing "Employee Name" as the Grouping Column and clicking "Add".
  9. Your report is displayed underneath your selections. If you have 0 totals - that is a great thing! It means all time has been approved and is ready for payroll. To pull this report with a single click next pay period, click "Save As" and give your report a name.

Next pay period, you will find your report under the  "Saved Report" tab.

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