How to create a new Schedule

This tutorial will go over how to create your schedule on the Rise platform.

1. Start by clicking on  Schedules on the top navigation bar.

This will direct you to the following page:

2. Click the button  Add Schedule.  

3. Select the department you are creating the schedule for using the drop down menu. Select the desired end date and click  Create. Your schedule can can extend to anywhere from one week to several months.
Note: when you select the department, it will generate a default start date which reflects a day after the end date of the most recent schedule. If the start date is not correct, you can change the end date of the last schedule manually (See article  My schedule won't create!). 

4. Upon selecting Create, you will be taken to a blank time sheet and from there you can now create and assign shifts for your staff members.

The next tutorial will go over  Scheduling Employee Shifts

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