How to change the schedule view

Rise offers a multitude of ways for you to view your schedules from traditional calendar views to week by week timelines

To change your view, go to the top right corner of the schedule page and select from the tabs to change the view format

Day View

Shows a single day on the schedule. You can navigate through the days by using the navigation tools at the top of the schedule page

Also, if you don't want to navigate through all the days, you can use the calendar navigation feature by clicking the down arrow on the navigation tools.

Week View

Shows a schedule for an entire week.

Month View

Shows an entire schedule for a month.

Timeline View

Shows the schedule in terms of employee's working. This is great for schedules that have a lot of employee's on them. You can also view by week, two weeks, day and pay period using this view format.

We will go into Timeline View in greater detail in another tutorial.

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