How to add new employee's to a posted schedule

If an employee joins your company mid-way through a schedule, you do have the ability to add that employee to the work week. 

Before doing this, first make sure that the employee profile has been created, that they have been assigned to the correct department, and the start date reflects the scheduled week. 

1. Go to Schedules.

2. Find the schedule you wish to add the employee to and click the edit button beside it.

3. Once on the schedule, switch to "Calender View", there is a button on the top right of the schedule which will let you do this

4. Scroll to the day(s) you want to add the employee to by using the navigation tools on the top left of the schedule

5. Double click on any vacant block on the schedule (white block)

6. Add the schedule details and then click Save.

The employee should now be added to the schedule.

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